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TESTIMONIO: “Ingresamos más rápidamente al mercado de habla hispana con precisión. El servicio de Spanish Translation está a la altura de su credo de Preciso, Rápido y Confiable".
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Quality Translation Process

Translation Solutions S.A. follows the well-known translation industry standard process which consists of three steps performed by different language specialists. The steps are Translation, Edition and Proofreading (TEP).

Translation is a bilingual task where all the content must be accurately translated into the target language.

Edition is a bilingual task to make a quality control check of the previous step. Translation Solutions S.A. selects the best linguists to do this job and applies a LISA-industry quality model to deliver objective feedback and translation quality.

Proofreading is a target text check done by completely reading the output as if we were the final audience.  This way, Translation Solutions S.A. guarantees that the message will be expressed in the most comprehensive way possible.

Translation Quality Assurance

Translation Solutions S.A has developed a series of checklists for each one of the steps of the TEP process. Each professional translator, editor, and proofreader involved in the process is required to complete them before submitting the document to the next level.

At the same time, Translation Solutions S.A is able to rate all the resources who worked on each project. This way, our team maintains a performance history that indicates the quality of the job performed, not only in your documents but in every one of Translation Solutions S.A’s projects.

Translation Project Management

Projects are unique by definition and Translation Solutions S.A understands that the role of the Project Manager is a key factor in the translation industry. Project Managers will ensure that all customer expectations are successfully met.

He or she is responsible for doing a close follow up, assigning the right resources for each project, analyzing project complexity, defining the best customized solution, estimating the turnaround time and becoming the point of contact for any information on the project.

Translation Work-flow

The process for any translation is always based around one expert project manager (PM), who oversees every aspect from beginning to end.  These project managers remain in constant communication with all of the professional translators, editors, and proofreaders working with us on the project.  The PM is also available to discuss any issue with the client, in order to ensure that the translation is delivered according to all specifications.

Translation Account Manager

Our account managers provide an extensive list of options for your company to work with Translation Solutions S.A.  They understand our company’s capabilities from top to bottom and will provide any potential client with all of the information necessary regarding the implementation of our resources and a client’s requirements to deliver a timely and professional translation.

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Spanish Translations




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Spanish Translations
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Spanish Translations
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